Clubavond Lezing @ Maranathakerk
okt 14 @ 20:00 – 22:00
Clubavond Lezing @ Maranathakerk | Woerden | Utrecht | Nederland

Lezing Wigo Worsseling (urbexfotograaf).

Volgens zijn eigen website (
“Photographer Wigo Worsseling (1967) is an Urban Explorer and is always hunting for faded glory; an old premises of which the exterior screams to be explored and photographed inside. Is it abandoned? Can I get in? Is it safe and without any security on guard? An entrance is found, nothing indicates the presence of people. Walls are peeled, ceilings have collapsed, glass is on the floor and the stale smell of decaying wood enters your nose. Daylight tries to seep in and creates a spectacle of shadows. You wonder what it once has looked like. The camera is set up, the hunt is on!”